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Unreleased Girlicious Track- “Heartbreaker”
Jerrica | April 11th | Girlicious:Music |No Comments

Missing Juliet Feat. Natalie Mejia
Jerrica | May 19th | Music |No Comments

Check out Missing Juliet’s new single “Curious” featuring Miss Natalie Mejia

Girlicious Leak: “Set It Off”
Jerrica | April 14th | Girlicious:Music |No Comments

Here is a very OLD leak of a song by the ORIGINAL Girlicious (Nic, Nat, Tiff, Chrys) entitled “Set If Off” the song is ok listen below

New Music: All The Way
Jerrica | April 10th | Music |No Comments

Natalie posted a new song today on youtube. “All The Way” is freakin’ AMAZING!!!! AHHH!!! Listen below.